Icon isn't entirely accurate but I don't have any real pictures of my dragonself yet! I was small, with a rounded body, black mane, no wings, and a snake-shaped head. I had purple scales(?) with gray markings, and I hoarded eggs and egg-shaped stones. In fact, I still do!

I might actually have multiple lives as dragons but this is the most prominate.

Folykl Darane (Hiveswap)

I was nonbinary and used they/them generally, quadrants were allowed to use she/her and fem terms. I was red with Zebruh and pale with Kuprum, who I lived with while I was still on Alternia. Sburb was played by a different crew and outglut was targeted by a weird ass meteor so the time and space players of the session attempted to save the trolls living there, which ended in us living on a new planet.

When I had the energy, I could still use some form of psionic to perceive things around me, though they weren't as clear as if I had saw them. I didn't have the energy to be away from Kuprum for long unless I found a different power source, and my lusus had died, so I spend most of my time clingning to him.

I distinctly rembeber Vikare for his strange voice and Gorgor for his latex gloves (bit of a germaphobe, really did not enjoy being around me), and I'm sure I must've met Ardata at some point since Zebruh knew here, but that's about it.

On the new planet, I eventually received an assistive device to let me better exist on my own. It essentially looked like a white version of Kuprum's goggles. There, I lived with Zebruh. The two of us eventually decided to raise grubs together (we planned on one but ended up with two), a pair of jade boys who seemed very bonded to one another. The older was named Razzol and the younger was Rollax.

Fink (OK KO)

Venomous! Is not my dad!

He was my boss! He made me, but he made me out of an adult rat. I wasn't mature because I was a literal animal! I don't know how he thought of me, but I never considered him a father figure.

Pretty sure I wasn't a girl.

Zero (Drakengard 3)

Disciples if you're out there... I love you.

Sisters if you're out there... die.

Byleth (FE3H)

hrnnghrngngngn black eagles

Peal (Splatoon 2)

Please stop shipping me with Marina, it was weird and creepy when fans did it back then and it still makes me uncomfortable.

That said we were still friends!

Fake Zagan (Magi)

"Fake" as in the dungeon creature that was actually a big plant monster in a pit, not the djinn.

The singing heard in the dungeon was the djinn's, and not an irritant but an order to defend themselves.

My hakuryuu has slightly brighter blue hair than canon, and his voice tended to crack a lot. He got very mad when id pat his head. The elephant creatures seemed enamored by him, and would grab onto his legs. At first he’d yelp & frantically wave his spear to get them away but it got to the point that he’d just look down uncomfortably and push them away with the handle.

Audrey II (LSOH)

Big plant creature x2! Unsure if this was a past life but I feel connected nonetheless.

Robot Rat (Soul Eater)

I actually still know my Stein from here! I used to hide in his pockets and sleeves! He killed me and re-animated me, partially mechanically. I didn’t have to eat after i was fixed, but my teeth continued to grow.

Marie was terrified of me for the short time she was around.

Mary Louise Dahl (B:TAS)

Bat..... man...........

Double Doors (AH)

Don't know much here! Few of the other regualr characters are familiar to me due to my nature as a fucking door who cannot move. There was an echo-effect to my voice.

Squashini (Epic Yarn)

I am thou, thou art I... pumpkin.

Chandelure (Pokepark 2)

I was very close with lopunny! She was friend! As in game, I was a little more purple than blue. My flames would flare up when i was excited.