"A gender whose perception is hindered by the fact that the person is not real; A gender related to the fact that one is living a simulated life."

"Dreamlike, or dream associated gender. Can be unbound, full of mystery and possibly, perhaps secrets and spirituality, or incomprehensible but meaningful, hazy but understood, or deep and infinite and mythical. Sometimes haunting and unsettling like a nightmare, sometimes pleasent and whimsical like daydream."

"A gender that is beyond gender; a non-existent gender; truly, it is not a gender, but simply a word to fill the gap. Not synonymous with agender, as for agender to exist, there must first be a Gender to be Not experienced by agender people. Similar to Praegender and Panengender."

"Finding the concept of the gender binary to be confusing, inaccessible, or inapplicable to you. Similar to quoigender."

"A gender related to being an error, or a glitch in a robotic/computer/ai sense. Its related to harsh neon reds, blues and greens, and also white. Its cold, chaotic and brutal. It has no alignment, but can if mixed with other terms."

"Feeling your gender is neutral (or slightly Masculine), but with strong masculine influences. These influences can change how you label your gender, you may use masculine gender labels but still feel that your gender in + of itself is not entirely or much masculine at all."

"One who’s gender feels more masculine, but is still so complex it is barely comprehensible to themselves, and is almost impossible to describe with one term."

"A nonchalant and indifferent gender. It is a mixture of pangender (all genders) and gender apathy (not caring about gender)."

"A fluid gender in which one normally has a gender and uses pronouns, but it can switch off, leaving a blank space where the gender was and making pronoun and label usage complicated to the person until their gender switches back on again; the ‘blank space’ could be defined by an agingender or could be entirely without label."

"When one’s gender is a shadow or darkness in some way; up for interpretation."

"A gender associated with the 70s’ space age and alien phase, ‘old school’ scifi and mystery, space, aliens, UFOs, cryptids, etc."

"A gender that is primarily some other gender, but has a partial connection to masculinity and/or maleness. it is similar to libramasculine in that the person feels between 1-49% masculine/male, but unlike libramasculine, their primary identity is not necessarily agender."

"Being, to varying degrees, every gender and orientation (within one’s experiences) due to being some sort of nonhuman being and constantly flicking/glitching through identities."

"Having a detachment from the human concept of gender due to being nonhuman, however still feeling like your gender is fluid in a way that cannot be descibed by humans."

"A gender that is a mystery, and very difficult to understand. Lots of labels vaguely fit it, but almost none can fully describe it."

"A gender that is utterly ineffable. It cannot be explained other than it only exists. It serves little purpose, but can be a crucial part in ones gender."

"A gender better described as a non-strict identity (not static, solid or stable), or when your gender is very wide, varied and miscellaneous."

"A gender on the edge of existing and not existing (between gender and agender), or one that dances between the two."

"A gender related to spirals, circles, and other circular shapes. It can be confusing and disorienting, never seeming to have an end."

"Multiple genders and nothing/genderless at the same time summed up into one, as if a paradox."

"A gender that centers around, and is influenced by, the fact that one was created/born through artificial means, AND/OR a gender that one has strange (but not necessarily negative) feelings towards, due to their awareness that it was likely programmed in."

"A flux gender that is bubbly and small like soda. It is connected to soda, sweet candy, and sugar."

"A gender that feels like it should remain anonymous, unknown to others. Might or might not fluctuate in intensity depending on how well you know the people you present to."

"A gender that has some similarities to (gender)fluidity, or (gender)fluid qualities, but does not change from one gender to another- it’s the same gender, shifting and moving within itself. It isn’t between fluid and solid or a combination either; it’s its own state of gender."

"A masc gender that feels almost artificial; like an AI in some or all ways. The nuance of this gender outside of being masculine and somewhat artificial is built by you, and given its qualities by you, similar to if you had built an AI."